About Us

The journey of Charak began in the year 1947 with a vision to improve the quality of life by making herbal healthcare available internationally.

Our endeavour is to meticulously research and formulate standardized products of the highest quality. We firmly believe that the customer is of paramount importance and therefore we place customer satisfaction as our supreme priority.

Over the years, Charak has established itself as the foremost international herbal healthcare company, recognised as the bastion of customer well-being with top-quality products and services.


It was in 1947 Shroff Brothers Shri D.N. Shroff and Dr. S.N. Shroff made a humble beginning with a great vision to position ayurvedic and herbal medicines in India & international arena. Today, after more than 74 years the vision remains same with a renewed vigour.

At Charak, we ensure that the customer needs are satisfied with a scientific, well-documented, evidence-based and standardized formulation. Charak since then has metamorphosed into a big organization with three factories – Silvassa (Daman), Samalkha (Haryana) and Baddi (H.P.).

Made of natural ingredients with globally-acknowledged benefits, every product has been made available for consumption only after years of thorough research and testing.The spectrum of products also features personal care solutions.

With every country we add to the list, we endeavour to keep the relevance, respect, and efficiency of Ayurveda alive.

Charak – A Global Brand

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified group, the quality, and efficacy of our products are affirmed through stringent quality checks and clinical studies. We provide complete technical documentation to demonstrate quality. Our factories have been awarded the WHO-GMP certification.

Our products are well accepted in more than 35 countries worldwide including USA, UK, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Fiji Islands, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Dubai, and many more. This is primarily due to our high emphasis on safety and efficacy of the products to meet the international standards.

We bring integrity and trust into all our relationships. We have a passionate team with a proven track record for successful international partnerships.

With every country we add to the list, we endeavour to keep the relevance, respect, and efficiency of Ayurveda alive.

Manufacturing & Research Infrastructure:
  • WHO-GMP approved manufacturing facilities
  • 100% effluent free operations to ensure environmental protection
  • In-house R&D recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India
  • Advanced analytical instrumentation to support product development
  • Qualified personnel who are regularly trained to ensure updated competence
Regulatory Capabilities:
  • Technical dossiers for all products as per individual country requirements
  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CoPP), Certificate of analysis for every batch of the products manufactured
  • Clinical trials for efficacy and safety of products
  • Experienced team to support every stage of product manufacturing

Vision, Mission, Values and Core Objectives

Our Vision

In Ayurveda, a healthy individual is not only one who is free of any illness, but one whose mind, body, and soul are in complete alignment, with all organs functioning at the optimum level.

  • Our vision is to take Ayurveda to a global level and establish ourselves as the best in the field.
  • The fundamental steps to achieve this are to standardize health care and elevate health standards.

Our Mission

  • As a front-runner in the herbal medicine industry, we ensure that Charak products adhere to strict quality standards and are supported by research.
  • Certified by WHO for following ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ and conferred the ‘Excellence in Ayurveda Pharmacy’ award by International workshop on ‘Standardization of Ayurveda products’ we are well on our way to realizing our goal.


  • Our approach is simple – provide the best quality product to the customer.
  • Our journey to excellence is fuelled by our team who make it possible by realizing their full potential.
  • We adhere to fair trade – in all business dealings, everyone must benefit equally to ensure fair trade.
  • We maintain the fragile balance in the environment and replenish what we take.

Our Core Objectives

At Charak, every effort has gone into researching, developing and producing quality medicines under controlled conditions at every step – from source to packaging.

  • Make the world a healthier place, by turning back to nature for natural cures.
  • Raise the standards of Ayurvedic medicine to make it a force to reckon with.
  • Expand the knowledge base of Indian herbs and plants and become the de facto knowledge center for the same.
  • Evolve and strengthen the active ingredients in our products to increase efficiency.
  • To provide standard ayurvedic formulations using cutting edge technology in both manufacturing and R&D.

The Charak Research and Development Centre

The curative art of Ayurveda, India’s gift to the world has evolved since time immemorial owing to the wisdom and knowledge of ancient sages and scholars.

At Charak, we constantly conduct trials and tests of various scientific inputs in Ayurveda, thereby making the treatment internationally recognized and sustainable across the globe.

It is a widely known fact that US researchers have advocated that evidence-based medicine principles are to be applied to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). World Health Organization (WHO) has also recognized Ayurveda as an alternative system of medicine.

We strongly believe in enhancing the standards of Ayurvedic medicine such that it transits from an alternative therapy to a main stream health care. We strive towards this cause by providing standardized Ayurvedic formulations using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

Major Achievements

  • DSIR ( Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) recognized
  • NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited laboratory
  • Department of AYUSH recognized & FDA, Maharashtra approved formulations
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified
  • Implementation of advanced GLP Systems
  • Experienced & well-qualified staff

R & D Infrastructure

Charak’s R&D center with pharmacognosy lab, phytochemistry lab, microbiology lab, instrumentation lab, labeling lab, pre-formulation lab and well-equipped product development lab ensures that end consumers are made available the best quality and standard products.


At the Pharmacognosy lab, we have documented and prepared monographs for all the crude herbs contributing to our formulations as per WHO and other pharmacological guidelines by detailing its macroscopy, microscopy and powder characteristics. We have also prepared permanent slides and herbariums for documentation & reference.

We have cutting-edge resources such as high-resolution research microscopes, microtome and an expert faculty for morphological study and analysis of formulated as well as the final finished product.

All the crude herbs identified, authenticated and a crude herb museum has prepared so that the claims of the herbs can be verified at every manufacturing step.


The plant constituents that are responsible for medicinal and therapeutic properties of the drug are usually secondary metabolites. A systematic study of crude drugs comprises thorough consideration of primary and secondary metabolites. We have extensively screened these extracts on the following lines:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Phytochemical Screening
  • Physico–Chemical Analysis
  • Chromatography

For the class of secondary metabolites like Alkaloids, Glycosides, Tannins, Volatile oils, Fixed oils, Coumarins, Flavonoids etc., we do qualitative and quantitative screening of the extracts using the following methods

  • Volumetric titration
  • Gravimetric method
  • Spectrophotometric method
  • Chromatographic method


Our R&D follows standard protocols for microbial analysis including pathogens. We have different cultures for bacteria, fungi, and pathogens. The following tests are routinely conducted in our laboratory:

  • Total microbial count
  • Total fungal count
  • Pathogen testing
  • Effectiveness of preservatives for reduction of bioburden

For quality control of herbal drugs, a different approach is needed than that of synthetic medicine. Crude drugs, their powders, extracts and finished products are susceptible to moisture and thereby getting contaminated faster. A critical microbiological analysis is, therefore, essential and our R&D adheres to WHO specifications in this regard.


We have expertise in manufacturing the following dosage forms for Proprietary Ethical / Cosmeceutical & Nutraceutical formulations:

  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Syrup
  • Suspension
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Ointment
  • Medicated Oil
  • Lotion
  • Avaleha
  • Granules
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos


One of the biggest foibles of the herbal medicine has been variable responses, either due to variations in sources of the herbs or due to differing storage conditions. Charak maintains high-quality standards in manufacturing, storage, packaging and distribution for predictable results.


The two needs from a medicine are uncompromised purity with predictable results. Charak maintains high-quality standards in manufacturing, storage, packaging and distribution.

Each unit has its own quality control laboratory, equipped with the latest instrumentation. Stability data, conformity to drug standards and the scientific approach to product formulation are ingrained in each Charak worker. There is a well-equipped laboratory with an Analytical & Microbiology sections to ensure compliance with strict quality standards. Our R&D laboratory is accredited by Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

The Charak R&D Team

A team of dedicated scientists and technologists ensure that the raw materials and finished products undergo comprehensive testing within the framework of established scientific principles. Renowned Ayurvedic physicians & modern scientists ensure that herbs are used with modern & scientific research methods. This duo of old ayurvedic scholars and modern scientists helps us to ensure that Ayurveda becomes more contemporary and acceptable to modern generations.

The latest technological advances together with proper observance of W.H.O – GMP norms, ensures high-quality herbal products which subjected to rigorous tests to determine the potency and stability of the products for the entire period of its stipulated shelf life.


Charak has three manufacturing units strategically located in the North and West India. The Silvassa plant is Charak’s most modern facility where products are untouched by human hand throughout the manufacturing process to ensure strict contamination controls.

The liquid manufacturing tanks have a huge capacity. The steam and vacuum around these jacketed tanks speed up the entire process and ensure consistency. Before transferring to the storage vessel, the liquids are passed through specially designed zero holds up filter press to ensure clear liquid, free from all impurities. The State-of-the-art capsule manufacturing unit has capsules filled with high-speed machinery to ensure quick delivery to the market.


High-Speed Packing is Charak’s forte. The machines for filling, sealing and labeling are all planned and programmed to give this kind of a high output. Skilled operation ensures the best quality of blister strips for the capsules and tablets.

Before final packing, the strips are checked and tested for leakage as per set quality parameters. Quality Assurance plays its role everywhere and ensures a quality product to the consumer.

Eco-Friendly Effluent Treatment

Not only within the factory but care for the environment and the outdoors is ensured. An efficient, effective treatment of excess water through a High–Efficiency Effluent Treatment plant allows exodus of only clean water. After all, being herbal is about living in harmony with nature.

Charak is poised to scale new heights combining cutting edge technology with centuries-old wisdom to herald not just safe and effective natural medicines but a holistic healthier way of life. The Charak credo says it all –

Health Forever…Naturally

Partner With Us

The Charak Group intends to partner with marketing & distribution companies to further expand our international franchise into new markets.

Why become a Charak distributor / dealer?

In Ayurveda, a healthy individual is not only one who is free of any illness, but one whose mind, body, and soul are in complete alignment, with all organs functioning at the optimum level.

  • Proven efficacy and safety of our products
  • A wide range of products to satisfy different consumer needs.
  • Technical documentation to help dealers with registration
  • Marketing support for distributors to support their efforts to convince practitioners and consumers to choose Charak products.
  • Attractive packaging options that can be customized to appeal to consumers in a particular country.

Who Can Be A Franchisee?

Minimum Qualification: MD (Ayurveda) from a good Institution in India.

Experience: At least 10 years of Clinical experience in treating patients successfully in various serious and chronic diseases.


Should have an existing clinic with the following specifications.

  • Above 800 Sq. feet.
  • Personalised Consulting Room.
  • Two Tables providing Panchkarma treatment facilities. (There should be a provision to increase in future).
  • Neat and Clean Bathroom facilities.
  • Properly ventilated clinic area with adequate lighting.
  • The clinic should be at a good location within proximity of bus and train stations.
  • Trained staff like therapists and masseuse required. In addition the pharmacist should be well experienced to ensure proper dispensing of medicines.

If you are an upcoming and forward thinking doctor and would like to associate and share the vision of Charak then please get in touch with us at [email protected]